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This guide will walk you through the setup of cells-gtk3 including all dependencies. We assume that you have a working common lisp installation. This guide was developed using SBCL 1.0.11 on linux (ubuntu). Things might be (slightly) different on other platforms.

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Disclaimer and Things You Should Be Aware Of

Preliminary Steps

  1. Make sure you have a recent version of SBCL installed. You can check with sbcl --version. You should have at least 1.0.x. If you encounter any problems later in the process, first of all install a current version from the SBCL website. Current linux distributions such as Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) include recent versions in their repositories.
  2. Check your SBCL initialization file: nano ~/.sbclrc. Make sure that you have at least the following lines in there:
    (require 'asdf)
    (require 'asdf-install)
  3. Make sure SBCL's configuration directories exist:
    cd ~ ; [ -d .sbcl ] || mkdir .sbcl
    cd .sbcl ; [ -d site ] || mkdir site
    [ -d systems ] || mkdir systems
  4. Make sure you have the version management systems darcs and cvs installed. In Debian based distributions such as Ubuntu this is done via
    sudo apt-get install darcs cvs


    Cells 3.0

    Get cells 3.0 from CVS:
    cd ~/.sbcl/site
    cvs -z3 -d co cells
    cd ~/.sbcl/systems
    fritz@babyfoot:~/.sbcl/systems$ ln -s ../site/cells/cells.asd
    fritz@babyfoot:~/.sbcl/systems$ ln -s ../site/cells/utils-kt/utils-kt.asd



    • From WebCVS
    • From cvs using your account:
      cvs -z3 -d :ext:<username> co cells-gtk3
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