Screenshots: cells-gtk on Linux
and some other OS...

An actual application (not part of the demo).

This will be available on sourceforge sooner or later.

Lispworks win32 Menus panel

Here are some of the demo.

The demo builds when you compile cells-gtk.

Thanks again to Klaus for sending along the Linux versions, the topmost (or leftmost if you make your window wide enough to view two-up) of each pair.

Gtk Dialog screenshotwin32 version of Dialogs pane

Cells-gtk display demowin32 AllegroCL Display pane

Gtk menu screenshotLispworks win32 Menus panel

treebox demo screenshotlispworks win32 treebox panel

If you'd like to test drive a Win32 .exe of a completed cells-gtk application, there is one here.

If you have screenshots of your work you'd like share, send them to the project mail list.

Peter Denno
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